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Introducing Owl Realms Season 3!
LimoK Owl Realms Manager
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19 days ago

What are we

Owl Realms Season 3 is a brand-new 1.21 Survival Server offering a new, refreshing experience for Minecraft's classic survival. The server is run by a dedicated staff team and fueled by an amazing community. We offer a wide variety of engaging features like a server shop, land claims, crates, player shops and much more!


What's new this Season

Owl Realms Season 2 was vastly different from its predecessor Alpha Realms. By creating a new experience from ground up, Season 2 became much harder than Alpha Realms and thus lost a lot of charm of the previous Alpha Realms.

This season, we're bringing back a lot of things that made Alpha Realms so popular while ironing out the wrinkles that it had. Season 3 can truly be called Alpha Realms' successor as much of its core features have been left largely untouched but have been tweaked to fit with the 1.21 Minecraft update.


Our Goal

We aim to provide you with the best possible Minecraft server experience by providing high quality service and service to you. We believe there is always room for improvement so please reach out with any ideas you may have that may improve our service!

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